Technical Expertise and Equipment.

The great challenge of real estate photography is capturing a room as our eyes see it, with just a single press of the shutter. A wide dynamic range of lighting conditions, competing light sources and the unwelcome reflection of colors make further complicate the task, because even the best cameras, unfortunately, are simply no match for the human eye.

The Flambient Method of photography (Flash + Ambient) solves the problem by combining one ambient light exposure, followed by one or more flash exposures, in Photoshop (or similar software). No flash is used for the ambient shot. Here the objective is to capture the natural light and shadows present in the room. The flash shot(s) are taken, not only to properly light the room, but even more importantly, to ensure that all of the natural colors are preserved. An additional shot is frequently taken to properly expose for the windows.

The Flambient Method combines the best of all-ambient or all-flash photography, resulting in natural looking, color-correct, properly lit photos. The Before and After images below are good examples of what the camera captures with one initial shot, taken without flash, compared to the finished photo, using the Flambient Method. 

1 Before1 After
4 Before4 After

Panasonic GH5m2 (S)


The GH5m2/GH5S make the perfect pair for Real Estate photography and videography. With Panasonic's sought-after color science, the GH5S's low-light capabilities, and seemingly endless customizations, these two are the perfect cameras for the 8-18mm lens.

Leica Elmerit 8-18mm 


The Leica lens line-up has long been the mark of quality, and the 8-18mm does not disappoint. Ideal for Real Estate work, the 8-18mm minimizes distortions and chromatic aberration, while producing clear, tack sharp, color-accurate images in a light weight, compact form factor.

DJI Ronin RS2


Whereas the original Ronin S was great, the RS2 is simply an amazing gimbal. Lightweight, strong and capable of carrying anything needed for a Real Estate video shoot, the RS 2 is always our go-to gimbal for ensuring buttery smooth footage for our clients.

Ricoh Theta Z1


With its two 1-inch 23MP sensors, the Z1 is capable of creating 7K photos, making it arguably the best 360° camera for creating real estate virtual tours. With its ease-of-use and tremendous image quality, the Z1 allows us to easily add a 3D Home Tour quickly and easily. 

V1 Speedlite

Godox V1

Offering a powerful 76Ws output, this flexible speed light sits on-camera, with its round head providing soft, smooth light with gradual fall off. Perfect for foreground, bathrooms and small bedrooms. 

AD100 Pro


Offering a bit more than the Speedlite, at 100Ws of power, this small powerhouse can be used handheld or placed on a portable lightstand. Perfect for providing just a bit more than the V1, and easily clips on the belt when not in use. 

AD300 Pro


At 300Ws of power, it provides the perfect balance of small size, low weight and strong power needed to shoot most homes. Whether hand-held with a modified pistol-grip, or on a nightstand, this light is called upon for almost every house. 

XPLOR 600 Pro


With a whopping 600Ws of power, this wireless marvel is always ready for larger homes, where vaulted ceilings and/or darker colors demand more power. This one ensures that we'll have enough power for any job. 

DJI Mavic 3


Featuring a 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera for capturing stunning imagery, the Mavic 3 can record 5.1K video and 4K at 120fps. There's simply nothing we'd rather fly for Real Estate photography and videography. Of course we are both insured and FAA Certified to fly. 

Benro Mach3 Tripod


At the foundation of quality real estate photography sits the trusty tripod. Benro's carbon-fiber Mach3 is light, stable and strong, keeping things steady for shoot after shoot. Benro's quality is simply unrivaled.

Benro Geared Head


Delivering separate, precision movement in three directions, the geared head makes it easy to get our verticals right. The Benro is the ultimate combination of form AND function, and we couldn't imagine working without it. 



There's simply no software that can execute the Flambient method of photography as well as Photoshop. With its seemingly limitless capabilities, we rely on it to ensure that every real estate listing looks its very best. 



Although we only use it on rare occasions, when needed, Photomatix is our go-to solution for processing either High Dynamic Range ("HDR") or bracketed photo sets. With its wide-range of presets and options, Photomatix is a no-brainer.

Final Cut Pro X


As a recipient of the distinguished Apple Certified Professional credential for video editing, it goes without saying that Final Cut Pro X is our platform of choice. There is still no better way to showcase our Real Estate videos.